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Boat rental, NY has a variety of boats even luxurious ones which one can hire. The captain of the boat has about fifteen years of experience of managing boats of various sizes and types. The captain is very flexible and the best part is that there is no requirement for a minimum number of people to hire a boat, which makes it very convenient for all.

Boat rental, NY, offers you different kinds of boats and jet skis. There are also the power boats which are very well liked amongst certain type of people as it is fast. Those who prefer the quiet ones can go for the row boats. Each type of boat has different rates for a full day tour, a half day tour and for a few hours tour. Also, they offer boats on rental for a week.

The boats are very comfortable; and are made and designed to suit ones needs and make their trip an unforgettable one. You can hire a luxury boat or an ordinary boat depending on your budget. Boat rental, NY offers great deals where you can afford the luxury one too. It is well furnished and great value for money as they have a plenty of discount offers going on.

The boat rental, NY, offers you a get away from the hustle and bustle of life and makes you feel relaxed. There is not much paper work to be done too. You just need to sign some documents as safety of the boats is also important them. If you want it will also give you a small course on how to run the boat. You can take these boats to various places such as Alaska. It is said that a boat ride is the best way to explore Alaska, as you get to see the exceptional aquatic life that it offers. So, why not enjoy this mesmerizing experience.

They are not introducing jet skis, which people can hire for a charge. You can hire them for a day's outing and this surely will give you the thrill and experience you are looking for. They also offer you the boats without delay and there is not much of a waiting time. The boats have all possible facilities like fresh water. Some have internet access, fuelling facilities and so on.

Boat rental Brooklyn is also popular as it is the other end of New York and worth a see. There also tours are provided at reasonable rates and they too provide different kinds of boats. Boat rental Brooklyn is also very popular. You can also look it up on the internet and you would find a charted with all the necessary descriptions and information. There are also fishing services available with boat rental Brooklyn where you can hire a boat for the purpose of fishing. Many families like to take their children on picnics during weekends or even on holidays. Fishing is a very good and entertaining outing for the children and is surely a fun activity.

Guests Boats Description
4 Monterey

2019 Monterey 295 available for charter/rent. Enjoy what is left of the summer. $500 per hour 4 people


2007 35ft Silverton. Available for Charter/rent. Have loads of fun on the water all day. Price $500 per hour. 4 people.

45 Real Escape
Located in Connecticut

Real Escape yacht charter is a luxury yacht charter boat listed with Manhattan Yacht Charters, based in the New York City charter yacht boat rental fleet.